Montreal’s Marie-Helene Delorme (aka “FOXTROTT”) is set to release her EP, A Taller Us, in early November, “sticking to her clanky, catchy vibe, Marie's playful synth pop comes with a dark undertone cemented with a heavy throbbing bass.” This talented Canadian not only writes and sings her work, but she produces it too. Watch her very cool new music video for Driven here. 


If you happen to be spending your summer babysitting, this website is a great escape. It allows you to pretend you’re hanging out in your remote treehouse abode rather than attending a five year old’s karate class. The shrieks of “Yes, Sensei Alex” will quickly be drowned out by the blissful images of driftwood cabins, shacks on the beach and succulent covered tents. 

Palmera Express tells the tale of youth on the run. Whether you’re running away or running toward, this short film pushes you into an endless summer. Run away, run after, or get lost. 


Dion Agius is most famously a world-renowned surfer. He is also an artist. These two passions meet and mix throughout his photography. His site shows the lengths of his ability to capture the surf, culture, and allover vibes around him. Not to mention the numerous other platforms he expresses himself though. The man is truly creative. 

Meet Todd Baxter. He’s not a photographer, rather, a narrative artists whose medium is photography. His most recent collection has been described as what would be the result of a photographic collaboration between filmmaker Wes Anderson and surrealist Salvador Dalí. 



From faxing prisons their yelp review to replacing every appearance of "climate change" with "capitalism" in the report from the Intergovernmental on Climate Change, Sam Lavigne is an artist to, ahem, watch. 

Guernica’s recent special edition Boundaries of Taste asserts that “taste is a potent organizing principle, our insidious means to decide who we’re with and who we’re against, who belongs and who doesn’t—and further, to cloak political and structural boundaries under the softening light of subjectivity.” In this interview John Waters, who has built a decades long film career by eschewing “good taste”, reflects on art and political correctness.


Chances With Wolves of East Village Radio dig deep to find “overlooked hauntingly beautiful music.” In the time of internet radio and MP3 downloads, these two DJs bring it back to the era of undiscovered records as they explore the back catalogues and songs you might have missed. 


Homer writes of the “wine-dark sea.” This and other strange comparisons inspired one man to search the books for the color blue, and found that it wasn’t introduced into any major languages until very recently. Could we not see the color blue in ancient times? Or did we simply not know what to call it? Why isn’t the sky blue? 

Credited with making politics “cool,” Benny Johnson worked as a journalist for Buzzfeed before being fired for plagiarism. Learn about social media’s influence on the capital and the patchy career of Benny Johnson


On hour four of Youtube excursions, the subtle mundane quality of it all sets in. Are we alive anymore? Are we just faceless pixels, ever smaller and readable in binary code? Never fear, yoooouuttuuube allows you to explore your favorite videos in a new and, well, trippy fashion. See also; how we spent our freshmen year in WestCo. 

George Lazenby is one of our favorite writers at the New Inquiry, which we recommend HIGHLY. His posts range from being bullied as a communist in middle school to the coffee-stained lips of a porn star. 

Vulture’s guide to the world of fanfiction is totally engrossing. Particularly fascinating is Laura Miller’s Essay “You Belong to Me” which explores the tension between authors and their biggest fans, the one’s who write fanfiction based on what they wish happened in their favorite works. Miller reframes the scoffed at world of fanfiction as a serious driving force in pop culture.


Curt Cobain was undoubtedly an icon. This video takes a look at someone who helped make it so. Charles Peterson captured some of the most raw and gritty moments of Cobain’s career, and 20 years later opens up about his experience as the man responsible for some of rock n roll’s most famous photos. 

Dolphin may have drawn inspiration from a marine biologist turned ketamine enthusiast (for lack of a better word.) This article takes you from man and dolphin cohabitation to induced hallucinations and extraterrestrial intervention. You have to read it to believe it. 


Honestly, this is just so mesmerizing. Martha stewart in the early 2000s just massaging her chow as if it is the most casual thing in the world.


After that documentary about Marina Abramovic appeared on our Netflix cue, we were hooked. The MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute) celebrates multi-disciplinary performance, and their website exists as a fascinating depository of interviews and performances. In particular, look through their "Immaterial" section on performances lasting six hours or more; the orange one looks trippy af.

In his audiovisual essay, filmmaker Timo Novotny delves deep into the architectural peculiarities of underground worlds. Underground systems are extraordinarily vulnerable, like a network of nerves: cut one one strand and a paralyze an entire region.