Dorm Room Diaries: Viveka Cousins

Words and Pictures : Jordan White (19') & Alice Goldberg (19')

For the prefrosh obsessively searching Google Earth to see what a Wesleyan dorm room looks like: here's an honest, last minute, uncensored look at some freshman rooms before moving out for the summer.

Viveka (Viv) Cousins

Los Angeles, California

Type of Room:  Double

Dorm: 200 Church

My room means everything, my room at home was my safe space and always  made me feel more comfortable. I wanted my room  here to feel exactly like that, and it was. My dorm has similar aesthetic qualities to my room at home, but it wasn’t exactly the same. However, the cool part about having a dorm room is that you get to decorate two spaces (home room and dorm room) however the fuck you want and they both are extensions of you.


Favorite/weirdest/most prized item in your room:

For a while, honestly the most prized item in my room was the box of 60 snickers that my uncle had bought me for my dorm. My room became known as the “snickers room”. I got rid of a lot of my friend’s tears and anxieties by just having them take a snickers whenever they wanted. It became so natural, they just walked in, grabbed a snickers, and dipped. The snickers were short lived and gone within a month (but so were my friend’s anxieties ;) )


Favorite memory in your room:

when I met my best friend. She came to have coffee and hang out in my room for the first time. She spilled black coffee all over my white duvet. She ran around our dorm screaming for help because she needed some sort of bleach. We’ve been very close ever since I used her Middletown cash to do my laundry. She now sits on my floor when she drinks coffee in my room.


Worst memory in your room

would have to be when I thought of the brilliant idea of chasing vodka with snickers. It is not recommended, it tastes like literal crap. College makes you feel so innovative, so risky, so cool. However, you will realize you are not that smart when you and your friends start gagging from the chocolate, nougat, caramel, smirnoff frienzy that you once thought could be a good idea.


Something you wish you brought:

I honestly wish I brought my cat, He is the weirdest animal anyone will ever meet. He is a skittish Abyssinian who would have loved the fuzzy blanket my mom made for my room. Unfortunately, I was unsure of how to smuggle my cat to college (if ppl have ideas hmu) without both upsetting my parents and my roommate tbh. Also, he isn’t a fan of small spaces but dw I’m still scheming for next year.


Something you're glad you brought:

There are actually two things that I am so glad I brought and they both work together. My light source (hanging lights) that I used in replace of the ugly hospital light provided by the school and also my speaker. Without these two together, the room would forever feel like a horrible cabin at sleep away camp. Mood lighting and music is the most important thing for any space.