it's a new year. you know what that means: usdan brunches, failing gym plans, coffee that runs faster than Usain Bolt, more crop tops than you ever dared imagine, herds of freshmen, people abusing reply-all, and more METHOD.

to the new freshmen, don't worry. ben embarrassed himself more by his third day than you will all year. sophia ended up dating a literal herb. these things happen. take it in stride, but do try and avoid the jungle juice. trust us. 

what's METHOD you ask? first and foremost, it's a publication. we publish this site + two print editions + various .pdf's, .psd's, .whatever. want to contribute? shoot us an email at methodmagazine@gmail.com. our first meeting will be tuesday, september 22nd.

we've also organized art exhibits, concerts, and parties. we once set up a booth in Usdan for people to confess their secrets. in summary, we are what you want us to be. 

we've assembled a few things to start your year off, from the incredible giorgia peckman's zine, "THINGS I LEARNED IN MY FIRST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE" to President Roth's self-titled "President Roth's Late Summer Playlist."

enjoy these reads, survive drop/add, befriend your new roommate who keeps shouting in their sleep, and fall in love with the sheer rush that is Wesleyan, 

sophia jennings ('16) & benjamin romero ('16)
creative director & managing director