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Djemba Djemba, an LA based DJ on Diplo’s Mad Decent Label will be opening Spring Fling 2015. Djemba, who is quickly rising to be a household name in trap-music, has produced beats for the likes of Beyoncé, 2 Chainz, Miley Cyrus and Madonna. The 26 year old artist has collaborated with countless names in dance music, with tracks featuring/featured on tracks by Rusko, The London Future, The Gaslamp Killer, Clicks and Whistles, Eclair Fifi, Mamiko Motto, Baauer, Obey City, Major Lazer, and so on. Simply put, he knows how to make you move. Take a listen to some tracks below. 

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Here’s something to write home about. This high energy punk band is guaranteed to give us a show we won’t forget. The Julie Ruin is spearheaded by Kathleen Hanna, who if you don’t know (oh boy, you should know) helped spark the Riot Grrrl movement, and was central in molding third-wave feminism. Previous acts of hers include Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Her “girls to the front” agenda empowered women and attempted to make concerts a safer space. Her music refuses silence as an option and rises back against an oppressive patriarchy, all the while championing girlhood across the country. She's transitioned from singing towards "an elusive asshole male that's fucking the world over” to simply addressing girls. She is, in every way, the most badass grrrl in the game. Oh, and the term ‘smells like teen spirit’? Yeah, Kurt borrowed that from her. Watch Sini Anderson’s documentary about her here, it’s seriously fantastic, and listen to some tracks below.

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What’s there to say. You already know this R&B hit machine’s tracks by heart, songs like Birthday Sex, Don’t Tell 'Em, Down On Me, All The Time, and so on. His new album Late Nights is due out April 29, so we might be adding to that list of Billboard hits before Spring Fling rolls around. Although he covers the pop charts, don’t get him wrong, the man is extremely talented. Growing up in Chicago’s south side, Jeremih taught himself piano, drums and sax starting at the age of three and is well versed in Latin Jazz. It’s gonna be fun. Re-listen, to some of our favorites below.

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