Over Winter Break, I took my camera everywhere and this time, instead of photographing specific moments or people, I filmed them. This new medium was surprisingly difficult to adjust to for a variety of reasons, the largest being that videos show everything. When photographing, you're capturing a moving and changing moment in a still form. It’s not reality­, it’s an isolated moment within reality; without context, these isolated moments lie. I have always found this aspect of photography to be really beautiful. By presenting a quick moment of truth and then letting others imagine the rest creates a mutually dependent relationship between the photographer and the viewer.

Regardless, I wanted to experiment with the untouched feature that I've had on my camera for all these years. I've always been a big iPhone video documenter, but using an actual digital camera created a whole new dynamic between both myself and my shot as well as myself and my subject. People responded very drastically to the rather large Canon, often altering the way they were previously talking or behaving. People naturally want to be presented in a positive light. Videos show everything­ they can't just pose for a quick second and pretend they're something/someone else.

I'm currently in the process of trying to assemble the large collection of videos that I took over break - over 200 - but have found myself frequently curious about what a viewer might assume or consider after seeing a still from these videos. What do these images mean without the context that the video provides? What about the text? My curiosity and inability to sleep resulted in this little collection…

[Please note that the quotes are not necessarily affiliated with the people they are next to; the organization is intentionally scattered. Some of the quotes are taken from videos that I have not included stills of, and vice versa.]