You’ve heard of Novelty Daughter, Grand Cousin, and Faceplant too. Party Hats Hats, Skybars, All Caps LADD. But do you know CHEF?

Willa and I sat down with CHEF, one of Wesleyan’s hottest freshman bands, for a chitchat on their origins, progress, and spiritual wellbeing. I was very excited to finally get in contact with this lovable band, whose success comes from both their great music and their tantalizing sex appeal.  CHEF consists of the following members: Isaac Butler-Brown, guitar and trumpet; Miles McLeod, MC; Lydia Elmer, singer and trombonist; Henry Kinder, drummer; Anthony Dean, bassist; Max Atkinson, on the keyboard; Max Luten, tenor sax; Willie Molski, alto sax; Annie Flom, vocals; Mimi Goldstein, vocals.

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