Phatrabbit (Josh Bloom, Will Dudek, Andrew Rock, and Eli Spector) are one of Method’s favorite bands and have been fans of the site since their freshmen year. We talked about the media scene on campus and the pros and cons of combining sites to create one place where Wes students can go for info and media on and off campus.

But most importantly, we talked about their new video:

The video features footage from the day leading up to their album release show at Music House this past October. That show, filled with friends, fans, and freshmen alike, commemorated the release of their first LP, a self-titled album which is available on bandcamp and youtube.

“All of our music is very personal. We write songs about what's happening in our lives and the changes that happen in people’s (us and our friends) lives as they figure out new stages,” drummer Eli told me. “So the strategy and idea behind the video was to show a window into our lives leading up to and during the show.”

For Eli that meant an Ultimate Frisbee practice. He’s a teammate of mine on Nietzsch Factor, so we were joined by director Alex Fabre and frontman Josh Bloom at practice on the day of the show. “I think frisbee is a little silly as a sport, I like to drink on the sidelines,” Josh said about his visit. Even though ultimate isn’t for everyone, it’s a defining part of Eli’s life and that was the goal of the video: to show what the band is all about.

For Josh, that meant getting a tattoo of the album cover on the day of the show. For Will, that meant running cross country as a member of the WesXC team. For Andrew, it meant sitting around and reading. “Those shots pretty much summarize much of Andrew’s being,” Eli said, “I hope it’s funny to people who don’t know him.”

Much of the praise regarding the video from the band went to the video’s director, Alex Fabre, a junior film major. “He’s really fun to work with and super nice, it’s awesome to work with someone who knows so much. He manages to make you feel comfortable. And even though we don’t know anything about videos he makes us feel like he’s listening even though our ideas might be just flat out bad. He doesn’t trivialize our opinions and makes us feel useful. Basically we think he will be super successful.” Eli and Josh rattled those statements off in perfect sync. The praise for Alex is clear. In fact, they’re already shooting another video with him. We can look toward a 60’s camping/horror movie vibe for an unreleased song titled So Sweetly.

Phatrabbit has a busy and exciting next month or so planned. You can catch them over the second week of spring break on a tour of several East Coast cities. Shows in Atlanta, Philly, somewhere in Virginia, D.C., Baltimore, and the Raleigh-Durham triangle area make a packed week. All of this leads up to their second album when we return from break.

“It just needs a few finishing pieces,” Josh told me. Soon after that album drop, we can expect a new music video and a new round of college tour shows. To continue the momentum, the band is also in the formative stages of their third album. It’ll be an exciting last semester for the four seniors and Method hopes to catch it all.