The 7:13


The 7:13 is the first alarm (of several) on my phone that (sort of) wakes me up. After various attempts with those 'natural rhythm' apps that wake you up according to your lunar cycle or zodiac sign or menstrual period or whatever, I had to resign myself that I am one of those individuals who needs to be woken up the old fashioned way: a single time every morning. Thus, the 7:13.

The 7:13 goes off without fail. The 7:13 is my switch watch, since I'm broke after one-too-many-uber's-with-strange-boys-from-Brown and can't afford a real alarm. Even (tragically) on the weekends, my body salutes (or groans) the 7:13. 

The following is the music that accompanies my failsafe, that helps me get out of bed every morning and face the not-so-real world.