Dorm Room Diaries: Aili Izsak-Niimura

Words and Pictures : Jordan White (19') & Alice Goldberg (19')

For the prefrosh obsessively searching Google Earth to see what a Wesleyan dorm room looks like: here's an honest, last minute, uncensored look at some freshman rooms before moving out for the summer.

Aili Isak-Niimura

New York, New York / Paris, France

Type of Room: Two-Room Double

Dorm: West College


Where are you from?

I was born in New York but I grew up in Paris. My heritage is Japanese, Hungarian, and Israeli. 

What did your room mean to you this year? How important (or not) was it for you to have this space?

This year, my room was my bedroom, my kitchen, office, bathroom, living room, bar, bachelorette pad, worship chamber and storage unit. Thankfully, everything fit. As an international student, I was worried that I wouldn't feel at home in my dorm, but I brought a few posters from home and some of my favorite books. It was worth paying for the overweight luggage to feel more comfortable 😃.

Favorite/weirdest/most prized item in your room:

I didn't have a carpet cuz carpets are expensive and require something called cleaning, but I went to babies-r-us in NYC while trying to find a skateboard and found the IMAGINARIUM on sale instead. I think the combination of infant-playroom compliments the standard boho college xmas lights and tapestry. Taking it back to Wesleyan by train was quite an experience.