Generation selfie, we're calling you out.  "I want to be an instagram celebrity" is the new "I want to be a European DJ," but only the few, the strong, and the brave (shameless?) have what it takes. Here are Wesleyan's own bonafide instagram celebrities. 

1. @v_gay_mom

V_gay_mom reckons with late capitalist appropriations of leisure and intimacy. By utilizing spatial reorganization of the social media paradigm, she explores the historicized gendered body, the eroticization inevitability associated with paternal hegemony. She boldly constructs various media ideologies in a performative attempt of transglocality and a usurpation of normative values, and she makes us consistently question whether or not we understand what the fuck she's doing.

2. @bootstrapmike69

"Most kids come to college to expand their academic horizons and dedicate time to improving themselves. On the contrary there's kids like me and my boy croughs whose college experience is chasing down the next buzz we can get our hands on by networking and not the LinkedIn kind. Even though we came into college a lot more innocent than we are leaving it, you can't honestly tell me by looking at my boy crough's#transformationtuesday pic that this kid had any regrets in college, cause he's having the goddamn time of his life. #fitness #imbuzzing #yolo #sex#whosegotbars#alphamale #4yearsofdoingshit#doestony #newstrainofgonnoreah #dtdsanythingforabuzz #barsforblow #rawdogsstrippers#irawdoggedastrippertoo

We couldn't have said it better, BootstrapMike. Except for the new strain of gonorrhea. Don't joke like that; it's wesscam season.

3. zck_kntr

We heard he started healthgoth. 

No seriously, the boy has taste.

5. @prettygirl865

It's all about the aesthetic.

5. @benjaminhicks

No, really, he is an Instagram celebrity.

6. @cleoandclover

woof woof woof woof woof woof & woof. 

7. @vinesonchurch

We'll be circulating a change.org petition later this week to demand the opening of this establishment. Who says student activism is dead? #activism

8. @methodmagazine