Dear Agony Aunt, How do I not fall in love with straight boys?

It’s useless to fall in love with someone who can’t love you back. It takes a while to fall in love, so when you feel like your friendship with said straight boy is turning into something more than that, cut off contact for a while. Do what you need to do for self care. Spend time with your friends, make out with an old hook up, fantasize about Ryan Gosling, just for god’s sake stay off his facebook page. 

If you start falling for a boy and you aren’t sure of his orientation, ask! It will save you a lot of pain. If you are too shy to ask him directly, ask his friends! If you find out he likes boys, then forge ahead. There is still no guarantee he will want to bone but it massively increases your chances! If you find out he doesn’t, then abort the crush. 

Also, side note, straight boys are sort of gross. They have strange hygiene habits and in my experience sort of weird feet. 


Dear Agony Aunt, I don't understand what normcore is, but I can't get him off of my mind!

It seems like you have two problems here. According to wikipedia “normcore" refer[s] to an attitude, not a particular code of dress. It was intended to mean "finding liberation in being nothing special." Some say it isn’t a real thing, or that it started as a joke but my understanding is that it is indeed going strong. 

As for your boy problem, I am sure he would still be interested in you even if you don’t understand normcore. Or ask him to explain! Its a good conversation starter. 


Dear Agony Aunt, I'm painfully unoriginal.

I can’t help you there.



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