APP OF THE WEEK is a new series where we let Ben Velaise show you what's on his mind while he's on his phone. Each week (ish) he'll expose us to a new smart phone app. 

Let me introduce you to the first #ANTISELFIE app. It’s called SLMMSK. It’s a photo-editing app with a very unusual aesthetic that aims to change the way we “filter” our selfies. Developed in Russia, creator Vladimir Shreyder hopes his app will start a counter revolution to the traditional #Selfie. 

As many of us would agree, Shreyder believes the selfie has become an exaggerated symbol of our generation. As Kim Kardashian gets ready for the release of her 352-page book of selfies appropriately titled, “SELFISH,” a Pittsburgh teen was charged with murder yesterday after allegedly sending a selfie with his victim to a friend on Snapchat. Further, and besides the fact that the very word “selfie” was added to the Oxford dictionary just last year, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and Forbes have dubbed our collective generational voice as the “Selfie Generation.” Clearly, Shreyder’s motives justify the creation of such a masterful application. 

SLMMSK transforms your predictable selfie into a work of digital art. You can blur your entire head, pixelate your face, blackout your eyes, apply a negative filter, and even pick an emoji to cover your head with. But what makes SLMMSK so awesome is that it is all done in real-time. 

My favorite filters: 

Filter 01:


Filter 02:


Filter 04:


Filter 07:


Filter 08: