Ever since I was rejected from every campus dance troupe I’ve been looking for a new crew. All I want is a group of fun, good looking, and hip friends to troll around campus with. Why is this so hard? Why is everyone so busy? Does Metro North go to Copenhagen? 

Enter project #findnewfriends. For the next month I'll spend 20 minutes a week talking to a new kid in Usdan to see if they're the BFF I'm missing.

First up, Lucia Proctor-Bonbright. I'll admit, I’ve known Lucia (or Lucé as I now call her) since high school. Back then she was a hot freshman starring in all the plays and I was a bordering-hot-more-like-comfy-looking-senior with #leadershipskills who hated her because, well, read first half of sentence. 

Though Lucia has only been here six weeks, I’m starting to think she’s more than a pretty face, bar mitzvah hair-do and v hip wardrobe. For starters, when I moved her in to the Butts, there was a freshman from China listening to accordion music on her bed! While PSafe might not have been impressed, I saw it as a sign. If boys camped out to meet the hottest UK import since me (or tbh, Keenan Burgess),  I think Lucia could be exactly what I need.

WHERE YOU REALLY FROM? Queens Park, London. But my mom is from Cape Town and my Dad is from Ross in Marin Country. They met in New York when my Mom was making a movie about Apartheid and my Dad was working at a foundation. But I was born in San Francisco. I moved to Cape Town before I turned one cause my parents wanted to be there after Independence and then I moved to London before I turned two.

HOW’D YOU END UP AT WES? I dunno. But I love it here! I guess it was a roundabout thing. All I knew about it was your Facebook page. Lol. Kidding. I was between Barnard and Wes, and decided that if I’m gonna live in a city my whole life I might as well be immersed in a film/writing scene in CT for four years.

WHAT YOU SURPRISED BOUT? How nice everyone is. It’s so weird. Genuinely. I mean like you get told you’re gonna be on the bottom of the food chain again, and then the seniors run up to you, introduce themselves and give you a hug. And you don’t know why. 

WHO'S YOUR BEST FRIEND? My mom. She’s a flawless human being check my Instagram for proof.

I MEAN AT WES? I've been here a month! 

WHAT ABOUT THAT CUTIE I SEE YOU WITH? Jacob Shaw (no Facebook stop looking).  He likes to box and write music and he has more almond butter in his room than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. He’s also the least committed Vegan I’ve ever met.

WHAT'S YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE SO FAR? I got on a guy’s shoulders at Psi U the other weekend. Really never wanted to be that girl. 

AND YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? I wake up at noon every day. BYE.

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR IDEAL FRIENDSHIP DATE FOR US? We’d do artsy shit. I'M NOT GONNA WRITE THAT CAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOUR REPUTATION. I feel like you would want us to drink most of the day. LUCIA, NO. Sophia what do you do in your free time? NEXT QUESTION.

WHO’VE YOU KISSED?  I’m not answering that Sojen.

WHAT YOU DRINKING?  Red wine, g and t. ON CAMPUS, LUCIA. Connecticut bourbon and apple cider is a good option.

IS MIDDLETOWN REALLY THE PARIS OF CT? Literally there's nothing similar between London and Middletown. I think London is the best city in the world. I mean I got really homesick the other day and watched interviews with Princess Diana. I think I miss the streets and the buildings the most. And the taxis. 

ARE YOU JOINING A SPORT? That’s hilarious. WORD I HAVEN'T WORKED OUT IN 3 DAYS. I haven’t worked out in months. Why does everyone work out so much here?

WHAT YOU SHOPPING FOR? ASOS and Amazon are problems. I bought teabags to fill with tea leaves but it turns out they ship from Japan and I couldn’t stop the order.


FRIDAY NIGHTS? Eclectic or Psi U

SATURDAY AT 3 FOR A LATTE DATE?  Lying on a yoga mat in my room FaceTiming someone.

WHAT YOU DOING FOR OCTOBER BREAK: Going to the city. Couch surfing but then  I’m turning 19. My friends are planning it.

AND THANKSGIVING: I'm taking the train to DC then flying to London with my friend from hs.

WHAT SHOULD WE BE FOR HALLOWEEN? Literally no idea. Maybe Wes Anderson characters. DO WE GO TO LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE? Shut up.