Two things happened to Mindy Kaling last week*. First, her list of hypothetical TV pilots, "Coming Soon," was published in the New Yorker. Second, Refinery29 identified three women as her potential comedy heirs. The article, written in promotion of the NYC Fringe Festival, featured Wes alum Sarah Esocoff '15, who, along with partner Keelin Ryan '14, directed NYC's production of Laugh Track this past week. In celebration, I asked the rising stars for their list of pilot ideas, one (or all) of which could become your new favorite show.

*Actually, according to Mindy's instagram a lot of things happened last week like a Mindy panel at Hulu and the fact she sold out a DC book event in under two minutes.

Grout Sourced

The “groutlaws” of the interior design world take no prisoners—or blemished bathroom tiles—in this reality series. Paul Grout, owner and operator of LA’s premier tiling service, commands a honed militia of vigilante tilers who’ll play anyone—as long as they’re not playing by the rules. Watch as these renovating renegades eat trout, drink stout, and grout out, spackle in hand—except for the one of them that has a hook.

Boi Scouts

Two lesbian Boy Scout troop leaders, both named Juliet, fall in love in this stiflingly PC drama set in fair Verona (Verona, TX, that is). What starts as a romp in the woods quickly evolves into an illicit romance that challenges both Shakespearean convention and Eagle Scout Law. Iambic pentameter? We mostly use it. Tune in, wenches!


Three wayward teens perform court-mandated community service at the Natural History Museum—until all three of them are found dead. They just got—you guessed it—MUSEUM’D! Who is the killer? We can’t tell you much, but let’s just say it’s a pile of sand. Can “he” be stopped? Find out never on this edgy drama that dares to go there, and by “there” we mean an in-depth critique of the plus-size modeling industry.

Dolphin Surfers

A closer look at the humans who surf on the backs of dolphins, and how they share the waves with dolphins who surf on surfboards. Filmed entirely in front of a single green screen of a tropical sunset, this heartwarming series tells the story of two unique cultures. One is the culture of humans, and one is the culture of dolphins, and they find common ground not on the ground, but on the sea. Can they team up against the birds?

In the Arms of an Angel 

A porn star, Angel, adopts 200 baby pit bulls. Can she balance a hectic work schedule with her philanthropic pursuits? Let’s break this down: two threesome scenes in twenty-four hours. Three baby pit bulls with four broken legs...each! And only one Angel. Watch as the writers of this sitcom use this same numbers-based formula to construct the plot of every single episode. Did we mention Angel has an assistant named Prism?

World’s Strongest Bitches

Who is the world’s strongest bitch? To answer that question, we combed the earth for bitches many considered to be among the world’s strongest. What do these bitches have in common? Their strength, for one. But only one can be...the World’s Strongest Bitch. Exclusively on the O Network.


What happens when 26 BIG personalities are forced to share one VERY small cube? We found two baker’s dozens worth of the hottest, craziest divorcés we could find, and put ‘em in a cube. Holla! Watch them pull weaves, toss wine, and clamor against the side of the cube in this MTV soon-to-be classic. Hosted by a hologram of Malia Obama.

Not with THAT Attitude, Sandra!

Sandra has an attitude, and it is getting her NOWHERE.  

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